Logo Misuse

Occasionally we become aware of agents that are using one of the divisional logos, designatory letters or even making claims of membership in their marketing material when they do not appear on our website search facility. This can be for one of a number of reasons:

  • Members have not advised us of a change of address or company, or
  • They were once within membership but have not removed the logo due to an oversight, or
  • They may have obtained a qualification that enables them to join but has not yet done so, but believe they are entitled to use the logo, or
  • They may be in the process of joining but have not yet had their membership confirmed, or
  • They may be non-members but are deliberately using the logo to suggest that they operate to higher standards (see also Rental Fraud).

In all instances, the agent may be misleading consumers and could potentially be committing a breach of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (2008), more commonly known as CPRs.

If you become aware of an agent that appears to be misusing one of the divisional logos we would ask you to contact Propertymark via post or email logos@propertymark.co.uk, providing details and where possible, evidence of the misuse of the logo.

The approach adopted by Propertymark is to request that such agents cease using the logos immediately and if no co-operation is received then the matter would be referred to the agent's local Trading Standards Authority for consideration of enforcement action. Since February 2013 we have addressed 1316 misleading claims to membership.

Propertymark support enforcement action by Trading Standards which on occasions, results in criminal prosecutions and fines imposed by the courts.