Tribunal Hearings and Terminations

We arrange disciplinary hearings at which a Tribunal considers cases involving more serious breaches of our Membership and Conduct Rules. Minor matters can be dealt with internally and will not appear in the list of reports published below, whatever the sanction applied.

Tribunals are selected from the Tribunal Panel and comprise of three people of which there will be at least one lay person and one property professional with experience of the relevant property discipline. One shall act as the Chair of the Tribunal

Sanctions Available to the Tribunal and Appeals Tribunal 

You can view the latest Sanctions Policy here. Whether the sanctions imposed by the Tribunal Team are published depends on the level of severity of the breach. The Publications Policy outlining this can be obtained here

Recent Hearing Reports

To find further details of disciplinary hearings held since the introduction of our Disciplinary Procedure Regulations you can refer to our most recent reports below:  

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Terminations for Financial Irregularities

We have the power to terminate the membership for members of any divisions of Propertymark if a member is deemed to have failed to manage their personal and/or professional finances appropriately.

This could be on the basis of a real risk of insolvency, actual insolvency or if we receive applications for compensation from consumers under its Client Money Protection Scheme.

Any termination regarding financial irregularities from 2011 onward will be published online.

Please note: some property firms are structured as franchises which will mean that any termination solely relates to the specific franchise. In these circumstances the termination has no relevance to other franchises within the same group even if they trade using the same name.

Recent Membership Terminations

Miss Elizabeth Ann Treneer

Premier Property Management

22 Lemon Street
TR1 2LS                                                            Terminated April 2017   

Mr Andrew Whitehead, Director

The Flat Agency & Michael Browns Limited t/a The Flat Agency

196 Shirley Road
SO15 3FL                                                            Terminated August 2015   

Mr Max Slaght, Director

Domus Nova Lettings Limited t/a Domus Nova

37 Alexander Street
W2 5NU                                                               Terminated February 2014

Mrs Janine Pickett

Mrs Janine Pickett t/a Dorset Lettings, Shaftesbury

The Courtyard
Parsons Pool
SP7 8AL                                                              Terminated November 2013

Mr Jeffrey Gadsden, Director

Charterhouse Professional Property Services Limited (formerly Walkers Professional Property Services Limited)

26 St Thomas Road
CM14 4DB                                                           Terminated June 2013

Mr Lewis Phipps

Lewis Phipps Limited (trading as Lewis Phipps Lettings & Management)

Nelson House
15 Barlow Moor Road
M20 6TN                                                              Terminated May 2012

Mr Daniel Lassiter, Director

Lassiters Limited (trading as Lassiters)
265 Yorktown Road
GU47 0QA                                                           Terminated May 2012