Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be qualified to work in the industry?

Simple answer is no. Qualifications will of course help dependant on the subject and its level, however a willingness to learn is more important. Propertymark Qualifications offers specialist, regulated property qualifications. More info...

What type of personal qualities do I need to succeed?

A genuinely personable character is a starter. Ability to understand clients’ needs and a focus on finding solutions is important as well as professional tenacity and a sense of humour.

What are salary levels like?

They will vary like most professions according to the role, firm and location. A look at our job boards will help. Bear in mind that some jobs will have commission levels linked to targets and salary progression will be generally based on personal performance.

Are there long-term career opportunities?

Yes, it really depends on your own ambitions. Take a look at the job boards and discuss with our mentors.

I have never worked in the property sector before, does that matter?

No, what matters is an enquiring mind and a willingness to learn.

Is there a long-term future with high street property agents?

Most certainly. Like many professions business models are evolving, so use of digital technology and web activities have and will continue to make an impact. But the important aspect is to adapt and progress ways of engaging with clients. You can be a part of that.